• Genre: First Person Hunting Simulation
  • Summary: Realistic Hunting Simulation with dedicated community
  • Responsibilities: Live Operations, Monetization, Game Design
  • Software: MySQL, Excel, Steamworks, Admin Tools, Google Suite, Microsoft Office



theHunter: Primal

  • Genre: First Person Survival Shooter
  • Summary: Hunting Simulation meets Jurassic Park
  • Responsibilities: Business Development, Monetization
  • Software: MySQL, Excel, Steamworks, Google Suite, Microsoft Office



The Lord of the Rings: Legends of Middle-Earth

  • Genre: Mobile Card Collecting Game
  • Summary: Magic: The Gathering lite meets The Lord of the Rings
  • Responsibilities: Global Live Operations Lead managing teams to take care of engagement, monetization and customer support
  • Software: MySQL, Excel, Admin Tools, Google Suite, Microsoft Office



Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North

  • Genre: Mobile Multiplayer Strategy
  • Summary: Form alliances on the go and rule Camelot
  • Responsibilities: Live Operations, Economy Analysis, Singleplayer Campaign
  • Software: MySQL, Excel, Admin Tools, Google Suite, Microsoft Office



  • Genre: Social Music Game
  • Summary: Rockband meets Final Fantasy on Facebook
  • Responsibilities Combat System, Tech Trees, Retention Mechanics, Flow, Monetization, Enemy Design
  • Software: Excel, Word, Flash AS 3.0, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Pen and Paper

My TV Studio

  • Genre: Social Game
  • Summary: Game Dev Story meets the TV & Movie World
  • Responsibilities: Game Loop, Monetization, Retention Mechanics, Virality, Flow,
  • Product Management: Business Development, Scrum, Finance Plan, Outsourcing
  • Software: Excel, Word, Power Point, Photoshop, Axure

Golden Empire Casino

  • Genre: Social Casino Game
  • Summary: Caesar’s Casino meets a top-notch presentation
  • Responsibilities: Retention Design, Monetization Design, UX Design, Sound Design
  • Software: Redmine, Word, Excel, Adobe Premiere, Ableton Live, Audacity, Photoshop, Axure, Flash AS 3.0

Oloko & Panfu

  • Genre: Virtual World for Kids
  • Summary: Club Penguin with different animals meets FarmVille
  • Responsibilities: Mission Design, Virtual Goods, Story Writing, Sound Design
  • Story Writing: Character Design, Story Arcs, Episodic Writing, Dialogue Writing
  • Software: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JIRA, Audacity, Premiere, Photoshop

Unreal Development Kit – Showreel

  • Genre: 3rd Person Shooter – Scripting and Level Design Demo Reel
  • Responsibilities: Enemy Design, Level Design, Scripting, Kismet
  • Software: UDK, Kismet


  • Genre: iPhone Platformer
  • Summary: Frogger meets Canabalt
  • Responsibilities: Documentation, Flow, Interface Design, Interaction Design, Sound Design, Story Writing, Level Design
  • Story Writing: World Design, Character Design, Cutscenes, Dialogue Writing
  • Software: Word, Photoshop, Excel, PowerPoint, Unity


  • Genre: PC – Augmented Reality Racer
  • Summary: StarFox meets the racing genre
  • Responsibilities: Level Design, Interaction Design, Interface Design, Story Writing, Documentation
  • Software: Shark 3d, PowerPoint, Word, Photoshop, Excel, 3dsMax

Last Exit

  • Genre: PC – 3rd Person Shooter
  • Summary: Messiah meets a Post-Apocalyptic Setting
  • Story Writing: World Design, Character Design

Dragon Age: Akabar

  • Genre: PC – Dragon Age Modification
  • Story Writing: Dialogue Writing, Stage Design, Cinematography
  • Trailer Design: Video Editing, Sound Editing

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