UDK Tutorials

I. Top Down Shooter (Alien Swarm)


We want to create a new Game Type similar to “Alien Swarm“.
The camera view will be isometric.
The player character can be controlled with WASD according to the camera view.
The player has a moving cross hair which sets player’s viewing direction as well as the firing direction.

This tutorial is completely done in Unreal Script.

II. Enemy: Teleporter


We want to create an Enemy that teleports himself to a random position when he takes damage.
The Enemy has more Health than a regular Bot.
The Enemy has infinite Ammo and a Rocket Launcher.

III. Exploding Barrels


We want to create an Object that explodes when taking damage and sets Enemies on fire.
Burning enemies will lose health over time.
 enemies will have a fire attached to them.

IV. Electrocute


We want to create an area of water that, when shot, deals damage to actors if they are within it.
The water area has a cooldown until it can deal damage again.
The player can be hurt as well.
Bots will play a special animation when taking damage from water.

 V. Enemy: Cannibal


We want to create an Enemy that moves to dead enemies and draws health out of them


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